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Website Design In The Gold Coast

If you look at the old website designs of even the largest tech corporations from 20 years ago you would probably wonder what they were thinking. Compared to today’s sleek and fast and easy to use designs they look like something that belongs in a museum.

In the last 5 years, the changes have been less drastic from a purely visual point of view. The major changes have happened in the underlying technology and the fact that more people than ever are using a mobile devices to look for stuff online.

But did you know that your website could be incompatible with smartphone screen sizes? And that could mean that you’re turning about 50% of online visitors away without giving them a chance to check out your products or services. And that trend towards mobile devices is still going up every year.

Can you really afford to be leaving that many sales prospects behind?

To help you boost your online competitiveness and ability to reach more viewers you require the skills of a high-tech Gold Coast web design company. Here at Media Fortress we specialise in customising your online assets by:

  • fully optimising your website for mobile responsive capabilities so all visitors have the potential to turn into paying clients.
  • integrating all your social media profiles with your website for a much broader opportunity to reach people.
  • integrating payment systems that are safe, secure and trusted.
  • maintaining all your assets with new and fresh information to keep your clients informed.
  • creating mailing lists to help you upsell and bring in more repeat customers.

These are just a few of the benefits you will gain from getting web services configured by one of the most effective web design companies servicing the Gold Coast area. Media Fortress has been working with Gold Coast clients for several years. We know your target market. Whether you run a bar in Broadbeach or run a hotel in Surfers, even if you sell steel products located in Nerang - we can get you more customers

Website Design In The Gold Coast

Understanding of the Gold Coast Market

Our team at Media Fortress regularly visits our clients on the Gold Coast. We keep up to date on all the travel and tourism aspects. Which means we can perform timely optimisations on your website. Like attracting visitors attending the Gold Coast 600 or capitalizing on the extra tourists during school holidays. If your business is for locals and not tourists we can help with targeted local campaigns. South East Queensland is a big market and making sure your business on the Gold Coast maximizes this means extra profit.

By working with Media Fortress you are guaranteeing your business gets the attention it deserves. Whilst we have clients all over Australia - the Gold Coast has a specialised team focused on it exclusively. Get the best - get Media Fortress.

Contact us today for all your web development needs in the Gold Coast.

A Trusted Web Design Service In The Gold Coast

Get Your Message In Front Of More Gold Coast Residents

Get Your Message In Front Of More Gold Coast Residents

To reach more people in all Gold Coast suburbs you have to make certain optimisations on your website. Making the right optimisations will mean the difference between nobody finding your business online and getting a large portion of local search traffic. And with the numbers game tilted in your favour, you will have a much higher chance of converting those online browsers into paying and returning customers.

Increased Flexibility With WordPress

Increased Flexibility With WordPress

Managing online content can be a chore. If you want flexibility to be able to do some web maintenance yourself without having to do a 3-year web development degree then WordPress is your answer. At Media Fortress our team of developers can get all the initial set up optimised. You then have the ability to add new informational content like special offers and new services. It can be a fast and simple task to complete.

Make Your Clients The Centre Of Attention

Make Your Clients The Centre Of Attention

Your entire online presence should be designed around what your clients need and want. Making them the centre of attention will pay huge dividends. It builds a level of trust that is difficult to achieve at the early stages in the sales cycle.

Latest Coding Skills

Latest Coding Skills

Our team of web developers are highly trained and regarded as some of the best web designers in Melbourne and Australia. We build systems that last. Contact us today for a website quote.

Our team at Media Fortress can help you get a website design that works for Gold Coast customers. A design that targets their specific needs and the exact locations they are based in. That personalised experience will become part of your entire Internet marketing strategy.

For all web design and development needs in the Gold Coast, make sure you use the contact forms today. Our Gold Coast Web team will be happy to assist and advise you on getting started or refreshing your existing web marketing campaign.

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