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Understanding Domains


    This is the standard option for businesses because it is the most commonly searched option by users. It is a good option to have this for your business.


    This is can be a great choice if the is taken. It is a very standard type for businesses in Australia.

  • .org

    Often a standard for charity and not for profit organisations. Though it is a public domain and can be used for any business.

  • .info

    Commonly associated with being short for information. This is unrestricted and open for anyone to register.

Tips for Getting the Right Domain Name

A domain name is your web address and they signify your online business, blog or ecommerce site. Your Domain name is a very big driver in having a successful web presence. Check out our helpful strategies in how to choose the best domain name.

Stand out

Your domain name should not be similar to any other competitors. You want your brand to have its own identity and your website name should be representative of this brand. Keep your domain name clean looking by avoiding hyphens, slang or random numbers.

For instance think how professional a website like would look. And remember your domain name is in all your email communication, make it look good!

Have your business in the domain

Try to have your business name as close as possible to the domain name. For instance if your business is called ‘Max Power Electricians’, options could be, or

If you are an ecommerce site think about your products and niche. A flower retailer could have these varieties;, or Locations in domains are a useful way of getting the website name you want and connecting your location with your market.

Avoid long and hard to remember names

If you can abbreviate your domain name to keep it short then it will be easy for your market to remember. Think of variations in your name; take the most obvious abbreviation first if it is available. Otherwise half abbreviations can work as well.

Register multiple domains

A good tactic to keep your businesses protected is to register many varieties of domains. This will stop anyone trying to steal your user traffic. Once you register these names then direct them all to your main website. So with a main domain name like, other varieties would be,, etc.

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