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Website Design

Whether you are starting from scratch or need a new and improved website, at Media Fortress we will work closely with you from concept to completion. Your website design should resonate and respond to potential and actual customers. It needs to be nimble and have the ability to bring in quality customers. To do this you need to have a website that creates a powerful user experience that is unique. As part of our service you are assigned a web designer to work one on one with you. We will bring your ideas to life and do the hard work for you.

Quality customised websites need to be more than just billboards, they need to be responsive. Do you need to:

  • · Create action by linking your social media feeds to your site?
  • · Keep customers and clients informed with your blog?
  • · Build mailing lists and databases?
  • · Accept orders and payments?
  • · Make it easier for clients to get in contact with you?

If you answered yes to any of the above then building a responsive website is the solution to your problem. The technology to do this can seem quite overwhelming. But with the right team of designers you can be up and running in no time.

Your website design should represent what you stand for. And more importantly it has to respond to potential and actual customers. If you already know what your business does and aspires to be, then a lot of the hard work is already done.

With a clear goal in mind we will design an entire online marketing strategy that starts with a custom website design. Your customer’s experience will be the centre of attention. And the better their experience is online the more likely you are to get the sales.

Website Design

You don’t need to understand Html5 design, Wordpress or Drupal web technologies. And e-commerce websites such as Open Cart or Silverstripe can remain under the hood, just like the engine in your car.

Media Fortress will turn your business process and checklist into a powerfully responsive website. This is the most important step towards turning browsing into buying, and searches into sales. Get a free quote and start today.




As a Melbourne Web Design Company, we stay up to date with the latest technologies in Online and Web developments. We know what works and we know what's a fad. Sometimes a flashy and shiny new object is just that. If it doesn’t enhance the experience of your customers then it can actually have very negative impacts. Getting that balance between design and usability right is one of the most important factors you need to focus on. Talk to us today about a fresh website design for your business.



Time is money. And there’s nothing we love more than delivering a product that will exceed your expectations. We work closely with our clients to deliver the best custom website design on any budget. The sooner your new website is up and running the sooner your customers will enjoy a completely fresh experience. Making it easier for them to understand your services and then get in contact will drive more sales calls to you.

Seo Web Design

Seo Web Design

Just having a website won’t bring in new customers. To drive new sales enquiries, you’ll need to get more traffic from search engines. With a team of dedicated SEOs and Web Designers we know what techniques will help you get more sales leads. Our websites are responsive and optimised for the best outcome. Fully ready to go with SEO in mind.

Latest Development Skills

Latest Development Skills

Our team of web developers are highly trained and regarded as some of the best web designers in Melbourne and Australia. You can take advantage of that experience and knowledge and have the peace of mind that your online assets have the best technology built in.

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While your sales process may be similar to other companies and industries, that doesn’t mean that your customer experience should be the same. When your website looks and feels exactly like all your competitors, then it can end up just blending in.

But when your site is fully customized to your products, services and business processes, then your customers will notice the difference. At a time in the sales process where people are shopping around, you have to be able to stand out from everyone else.

Combining more website visitors with a fully optimised layout will help you transform more potential clients into actual ones. With a higher conversion rate, you will see better profits and an improved return on investment.


Do you need a website but don't have a budget for custom web design? We've got you covered with our website builder. With this simple technology, you can create a stylish web design with next to no experience. The tools are simple to learn and use, and they help you get started with a minimal budget. This is ideal for small start-up businesses where a full marketing budget is not yet available. Want to know more? Visit our Create A Website page and see how easily you can be up and running.

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