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How would you like to get your ads in front your ideal customers?
With social media marketing, you can tailor your campaigns to a very precise target audience based on their location and demographics.

Connect Your Brand With Your Target Audience

In traditional advertising, adverts were placed in magazines and newspapers. You could gain a bit of an advantage by placing ads in local papers or specific trade publications. But you would end up paying for your ad to appear in front of a lot of people who are not your target clients.

That has changed a lot with online marketing. And nothing has changed the game more than social media. One of the most efficient and effective ways to spend your marketing budget is through social media advertising. It allows you to define your ideal client from location to demographic profile. This highly targeted approach allows you to achieve two powerful things. First of all, you make sure that only those people that are likely to use your service, will actually see your ads. That increases the return on investment for every Dollar you spend, saving you a ton of money.

Secondly, you can create brand awareness in very specific locations. If you only service certain cities or suburbs then you can target your ads to residents of those areas. That kind of brand building will start making your business synonymous with your industry.

Our social media team at Media Fortress has a huge amount of experience with these marketing strategies. This will allow you to gain an immediate advantage and position yourself ahead of all your competitors. You won’t have to start with guess work to see what really works. We will take care of all that for you, so you can focus on dealing with the additional sales leads.

Why Is Facebook Marketing So Powerful?

The Facebook advertising platform has been constantly changing. That isn’t exactly surprising considering that it’s still a relatively new technology. But with such constant changes happening, it is very difficult for businesses to manage their own Facebook ad campaigns.

How do you target the right people? What are you not allowed to display and say? How do you get retargeting working for you?
There was a time where all you had to do was ad a new post to your Facebook page and all your followers would see it. Today, you’ll be lucky if 10 to 20% of your followers get to see your posts. It essentially is a deliberate drive towards a paid advertising platform. The power of Facebook marketing comes from the fact that you are able to place your ads in front of very specific people. You can make sure that your ad appears to people of a certain age, gender, location and even their interests. And that has two huge advantages. Firstly, you can make sure that you only pay to display your ads to those people that are most likely interested in your product or service. That vastly improves your return on investment.

Secondly, you can split test your adverts to find out what appeals to different groups of people better. Certain image and text combinations may work great for men, but not so well for women. You simply create two ads and target the genders separately. When it comes to Facebook advertising there are a lot of things that can be optimised to get you the best possible results. With the help of our team at Media Fortress you can achieve a huge amount of new sales leads. We have the expertise to help you through the entire process. From defining your ideal audience, to creating different ads and then tweaking them based on actual campaign results.
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Why Is Facebook Marketing So Powerful?
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

It’s no coincidence if your competition is ranking higher in search engine results than you. This doesn’t happen because their products or services are better. Google couldn’t possible judge that. If they are ranked higher than you in search engine results, then they are getting a lot more sales inquiries than you. And the reason for that is that they are implementing a search engine marketing strategy that fully optimises their website.

At Media Fortress, we will make your business’ online presence work as hard as you do. With our technical expertise, you will be able to take advantage of optimisations that will bring more online visitors. And more visitors will always mean more sales leads. It’s like a small shop relocating to a busy shopping centre. You can even achieve immediate results within days when you implement a paid Google advertising campaign. This gets your business right to the top of the search engine results. And you don’t have to wait months for these types of results If you have tried but fallen short with paid search marketing, then contact us today. Chances are you were making some very common mistakes that can be easily fixed with the right expertise. We can lower your per click costs and drastically improve your return on investment. Talk to us today to get advice on how to revamp your online marketing plan.

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What does Social Media Marketing Cost?

Implementing an effective plan for Search Engine Optimisation does not need to cost the earth. Between 10-20% of your overall marketing budget will be more than enough to make a real difference to your online presence. An incredibly valuable return on investment can be achieved with a budget of $400/m. But even with a smaller budget you can receive key recommendations of how, when and where to activate your campaign. You’ll be surprised how affordable it can be, to seriously increase the number of sales inquiries you get. You just need to be prepared for the additional workload coming your way.

What does Social Media Marketing Cost?
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