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Do you have business expansion plans and need more sales leads?
Then tap into the world’s largest market place and outperform your competition by attracting more online sales leads.

To grow your business and put it on a path to success you have to make sure you get a steady stream of sales leads. That is the same for a small start-up as it is for a large and established corporation.

While your physical location can bring you more clients, relocating to a busier place is not very feasible and often not possible. But you can bring customers to you from the largest and still growing market place: The Internet.

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This requires getting your website in front of people who are actually looking for what you have to offer in the areas that you service. In other words, your website has to be presented to more people who are searching for your services. At Media Fortress, we have a dedicated team of specialists who are able to create a marketing strategy that is far superior to anything available from other Perth SEO Companies.

What sets us apart is that you get a fully personalised solution

Target website visitors that are searching Google for your keywords now. With the right PPC stragtegy your business can rank at the top of Google search very fast. There are no tricks. At Media Fortress we first learn what your advertising goals are and with your guidance complete keyword research for your tarrgeted keywords and area. Try searching your keywords in Google right now. Chances are your competitors are already getting calls.

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What sets us apart is that you get a fully personalised solution. By getting to know your business, services and clients, we can make sure that the online search marketing strategy is laser focused. As a result, you get better sales leads that are already pre-screened to make sure they are a fit for your business.

The result is lower marketing costs and a higher return on investment. Our unique approach will also give you a dedicated SEO specialist. They will almost be like an employee in your businesses. In fact, this is how we want you to engage with us. We work for you to increase your profitability!

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Providing Customised Solution

Providing Customised Solutions

Our clients range from service industries like removalists and storage to corporate clients such as Real Estate and Conveyancing. No matter what industry you are in, or how large or small your business is, you will be able to take advantage of customised services and support for your growth plans.

We don’t use generic solutions in a one size fits all approach. This sets up apart from most SEO companies in Perth where “set and forget strategies” are put in place. Our team will figure out exactly what your best target market is online and then tailor a solution to those exact needs. That will give your business a huge advantage online and drive many more sales leads your way.

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Gain More Clients In Perth With Proven SEO Services

When your business website ranks higher than your competitors you will immediately attract more sales leads. This requires skilled techniques that have to constantly adapt to the daily changes in Google’s search engine.

When those techniques are less than ideal or go against Google’s terms of service, then your site can quickly be penalised. That means it disappears from search results altogether and you will struggle to get any online sales leads. At Media Fortress our SEO specialists are fully Google certified and we understand what will work and what will do harm. The solution we implement is tailored to your needs so that you get the best possible results from every Dollar you spend.

What also sets us apart from other SEO companies in Perth is the fact that we don’t take a hands-off approach to customer service. With the majority of other SEO providers, you simply get a monthly report. We actively engage with you to make sure that the quantity and quality of sales leads remains to your satisfaction.

This drives a constant improvement in your marketing strategy and makes sure that you can shift to changes in your industry quickly. After all, our SEO company has been a leader in the field for over a decade. If our techniques did not work we would not still be operating. The proof is in the results clients like you have been able to achieve. These are reliable results bringing you long term growth.

Check out Perth SEO testimonials and see for yourself!

Providing Customised Solution
Providing Customised Solution

What Makes Us The Best

  • 1st page Google rankings for more exposure to pre-qualified sales leads
  • Targeted keywords and phrases that suit your growth plan
  • Expert in location searches for all areas of Perth
  • Google certified for a more effective strategy
  • Website design team to optimise your online sales funnel
  • Dedicated in house SEO team (no services outsourced)

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