Effective Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Having the right marketing agency behind you is integral to your business sucess. At Media Fortress we offer a range of solutions to help you dominate and your competition. No matter what vertical you're in, we can work on various online marketing campaigns that will set your website apart.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Opimization or abbreviated "SEO" is by far the most popular online marketing strategy. This is due to it's low cost entry point which can be increased as your business increases.

As your trusted marketing agency we create campaigns and strategies that find a gap in an already saturated markets. We hold 1000s if first page results in Google search for many competitive niches. We specialise in products and services for local businesses serving Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Contact us today or read more about our services.

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PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

It’s no coincidence if your competition is ranking higher in search engine results than you, and it’s not because their products or services are better. Their Search Engine Marketing plan is locked down tight, and they’re getting their foot in the door first.

Ask us how you can rank at the top of Google's paid search and get immediate results.

If you already have a SEM plan but it’s not working for you, then let us show how to lower your cost per click and increase your customer base. Don’t stay with your current SEM company if they aren’t taking your campaign seriously. We make sure your campaign will get results – that’s our passion. Tall to us know and get advice on how to revamp your SEM plan.

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Social Media Fortress

Social media is the new grass roots - the forefront of serious interaction with your customers. But it’s a fast moving world, with rules and algorithms changing as quickly as businesses learn them. Do you have time to analyse your Facebook Insights? Can you see how your Twitter and Instagram accounts increase the authority of your website? Not only can Media Fortress explain how a small marketing budget can boost your profile, we also use advanced media monitoring tools to give you real data about how your social media campaigns are working.

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