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Google has made significant changes in recent years on how they display results for local business searches. You will notice that whenever you search for a service near you that businesses are listed with a rating out of 5 stars. This is a very eye catching display and has proven to attract higher click through rates. The star rating is very obvious in both the search results and the local map results that are displayed.

Do I need Google Reviews?

Google Adwords Search Network

When it comes to deciding on what businesses to contact, the opinions of others play a heavy role. It’s why people often ask friends and family for recommendations. And now those recommendations can be seen directly in the search results. Ask yourself this. If you were searching for a service near you, and you see dozens of results, what would you be more likely to click on: The business with no star ratings, or the one that has 5-star reviews?

This way of displaying customer reviews will help you build trust and credibility to make your business stand out from your competition. You will attract more clicks to your website from people that are searching for precisely what you offer. Essentially, you are in a position to show customer reviews to pre-screened clients who are currently active buyers.

How Can I Get Online Reviews?

Achieving that kind of online presence does require some expertise that your team at Media Fortress can help you with. There are simple ways to get your existing customers to provide a Google review. But if implemented incorrectly, then you could end up harming your online reputation, rather than improving it.

Google Adwords Search Network