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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew 2 $35.00AUD $0.00AUD $35.00AUD 2 $35.00AUD $0.00AUD $35.00AUD 2 $22.00AUD $0.00AUD $22.00AUD
com 1 $17.50AUD $17.50AUD $17.50AUD
sydney 1 $140.00AUD $140.00AUD $140.00AUD
melbourne 1 $140.00AUD $140.00AUD $140.00AUD
net 1 $15.00AUD $15.00AUD $15.00AUD
org 1 $15.00AUD $15.00AUD $15.00AUD 2 $30.00AUD $0.00AUD $30.00AUD 2 $35.00AUD $0.00AUD $35.00AUD 2 $40.00AUD $0.00AUD $40.00AUD 2 $40.00AUD $0.00AUD $40.00AUD
me 1 $60.00AUD $0.00AUD $60.00AUD
agency 1 $50.00AUD $50.00AUD $50.00AUD
band 1 $45.00AUD $45.00AUD $45.00AUD
media 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
technology 1 $40.00AUD $40.00AUD $40.00AUD
tv 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
video 1 $50.00AUD $50.00AUD $50.00AUD
wtf 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
biz 1 $25.00AUD $25.00AUD $25.00AUD
boutique 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
build 1 $150.00AUD $150.00AUD $150.00AUD
builders 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
business 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
cafe 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
cheap 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
city 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
cleaning 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
clinic 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
club 1 $35.00AUD $35.00AUD $35.00AUD
company 1 $40.00AUD $40.00AUD $40.00AUD
construction 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
contractors 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
dental 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
email 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
expert 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
fail 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
fitness 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
florist 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
gallery 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
graphics 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
guide 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
guru 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
hosting 1 $50.00AUD $50.00AUD $50.00AUD
house 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
industries 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
info 1 $25.00AUD $25.00AUD $25.00AUD
institute 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
international 1 $60.00AUD $60.00AUD $60.00AUD
legal 1 $90.00AUD $90.00AUD $90.00AUD
limited 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
management 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
marketing 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD
services 1 $80.00AUD $80.00AUD $80.00AUD