How Can a Website Audit Benefit You As a Business Owner?

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Sales. One way or another, it’s the whole point of having a business and a website – whether you are selling a product or service, your key aim is to captivate and engage your target audience and funnel them into the sales channel so that, ultimately, they convert and purchase, increasing revenue for your brand and business.

But does your website achieve this?

An audit is one way that you can have your website analysed to determine what it requires to help you realise your goal – and Media Fortress can help with this.

What is a website audit?

A website audit or analysis refers to the first critical step in an SEO strategy, which is just part of a wider overall digital marketing strategy for your business. A website analysis is performed by SEO experts; in doing so, they evaluate the performance of your website and glean information relating to why you may not be generating the online traffic you seek.

During a website audit, every aspect of your website’s architecture is analysed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Traffic – organic traffic the site currently elicits.

  • User engagement – how are visitors using the site? Are they clicking through or leaving?

  • User experience – how positively is the site experienced by its target audience?

  • Conversion rates – how and where are conversions occurring? Where are conversions being lost? Where does the site require strategic landing pages?

  • Site health, functionality and performance – the usability of the website including technical gaps and website loading speed.

  • Backlinks - does the website have enough foundational backlinks from other websites?

  • Social media presence – social media presence is important to generating traffic; which social channels deliver the best results for the business?

  • Content – is there enough content on the site? Is the site dynamic in its content, for example, is there an onsite blog? Is there duplicate content on the site?

  • Security vulnerabilities – including the vulnerability of the site to breaches.

  • Negative SEO – are competitors engaging in negative SEO practices to de-rank your site? Does it even matter in 2019?

  • Discrepancies – identify these and resolve them.

  • Competitor website audit – for insight into opportunities others are benefiting from.

Benefits of a website audit for you as a business owner

Businesses can increase their profit margins by having a website audit. The audit enables you to identify your most profitable areas as well as find new opportunities for revenue growth.

When the recommended changes to the website are implemented, other benefits to you as a business owner of having your website audited include:

  • Improve the ranking of your domain in search engines for greater visibility and more traffic.

  • Optimise your content for greater engagement.

  • Improve the user experience of your website.

  • Improve the selection and distribution of your target keywords.

  • Identify issues both onsite and offsite that divert traffic away from your site and resolve these.

  • Save significant amounts of money in online advertising, digital marketing.

  • Maximise sales for greater revenue.

  • Discover new sources for revenue (for example, influencers or affiliate partners).

  • Enable the creation and implementation of a strategic, effective SEO plan going forward.

  • Capitalise on traffic trends.

  • Receive a detailed analysis of your competitor’s strategies for inspiration if you undertake competitor analysis.

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We offer a free website analysis to help identify opportunities for your website to innovate and positively evolve, and thereafter we provide comprehensive solutions including website redesign and development, and a number of strategic approaches to marketing.

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