Google Adwords Management

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Google Adwords Management

SEO is a great way to get traffic to your website but if you need website traffic immediately then Google Adwords is the perfect solution for you. Get targeted website visitors coming to your website and calling your directly with a tailoed Pay Per Click campaign by Media Fortress a Certified Google Adwords partner

Google Adwords Search Network

Target website visitors that are searching Google for your keywords now. With the right PPC stragtegy your business can rank at the top of Google search very fast. There are no tricks. At Media Fortress we first learn what your advertising goals are and with your guidance complete keyword research for your tarrgeted keywords and area. Try searching your keywords in Google right now. Chances are your competitors are already getting calls.

Google Display Network Advertising

If you want to lower your advertising costs and reach a greater audience then Googles display network advertising is the right product for you. Target niches and online publications for your industry or target demographica areas. With display marketing you can make sure your brand stays fresh in your users minds.

Remarket to your visitors Media Fortress offers remarketing so that you can now have your display ads appear for customers whom have visited your website through Pay Per Click advertising as well as Organically through search engine optimisation. Talk to an expert and start getting leads for your business today.

What does Adwords Management Cost?

Media Fortress charges a monthly retainer for Adwords clients based on their monthly spend. When you advertise with Google, Yahoo or Bing in search you are charged whenever someone clicks on your ad. This is also known as PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. We work hard to ensure you don't waste your budget on useless clicks. We help you set up Conversion tracking and with our daily, weekly or monthly reports you can stay in control of your Adwords campaign without having to do any of the hard stuff. Talk to a Media Fortress Adwords Manager in Melbourne today! Call 1300 308 488