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The Internet is a market place like any other. There are thousands of people in your local area looking for products and services. They search for that information and expect it to be presented fast and convenient way. And they want to know where the best place is to spend their money.

If you don’t have a website that is optimised to service the needs of people who are information hungry and in a rush, then you’re essentially leaving one of the biggest opportunities untouched.

When you then also consider that more than half of all Internet traffic now originates on mobile devices, you can understand that people can literally be anywhere. And they don’t want to waste time.

Responsive Web Design

One of the most important questions you have to ask, is whether your business website is optimised for mobile devices. Can it even be loaded on a smartphone? In many cases, web technology has moved on so much, and business owners have not paid enough attention to this trend. If your website doesn’t load properly and fast on a phone, then you have no chance of getting to 50% of the online market.

To help you overcome this lost opportunity you can partner with Media Fortress. We specialise in full online integration and web development in Perth. This means we can take care of:

  • · Setting up and integrating all your social media profiles with your website to make it easier for people to reach you.
  • · Giving your website a state of the art overhaul that fully customises and optimises it for the modern Internet user.
  • · Getting online payment systems set up that use the latest security features to give you added trust.
  • · Setting you up with a way to collect your clients emails to be able to send out updates and special offers. It’s so much easier to convince an existing client to buy again.
Perth Design

When you get the fully customised set up from our team of highly skilled web developers you will make sure that you become more competitive. You will set new standards for your industry to become the envy of your competition.

With very few web development companies in Perth that can deliver such solutions, make sure you contact Media Fortress today.

Gain More Advantage From Your Online Assets

Just having a few online systems set up doesn’t mean you have a functioning online marketing strategy. All your assets have to be set up to integrate with each other. That is the best way to help customers find you and then understand why you would be the best fit for them.

The best way to do that is to have a website that is designed from the ground up to target your customers. And not just a generic customer, which is what you get with a standard off the shelf website. It’s essentially like giving your top sales people the knowledge and tools to be able to convince sales prospects. What you do for your sales staff can be done online as well. So, make sure you contact us today for all your web development needs in Perth.