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Do you want to be ahead of the crowd when it
comes to the newest online technology?

Google’s voice search function is quickly increasing in popularity and provides a huge opportunity for local businesses.

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Google Voice

You probably understand that many people search for local businesses with Google. A quick search for “SEO in Melbourne” will give you a long list to choose from. And the closer to the top of that list a business appears, the more sales leads will come in.

Google Voice searches are very similar in nature. But rather than typing into a search engine, you just speak into your phone. On the iPhone, this made a debut with Siri, which very much functions like a digital personal assistant.

Now it’s very important to understand the trend of this technology. As of 2019 more than 52% of all Internet searches originate on mobile devices. And for Android users 20% of all mobile searches are voice activated. That trend is growing quickly with more people getting used to the improving technology.

With a large portion of voice-activated searches being for local content you can imagine that this is a huge opportunity for businesses of all size. If your business is the first search result in a Google Voice search then you will gain many sales leads that are highly targeted.

Our team of search marketing specialists are Google Ads accredited, which means that you can take advantage of our latest voice search services to assist your website rank at the top of Google through their search advertising platform. In Australia it is important to note that Google Ads are also availble on platforms like Yahoo search. Bing search runs it's own ad platform. (In countries outside of Australia, if you want to advertise on Yahoo you may need to use Bing. It can get confusing so feel free to contact us for a marketing quote if you need assistance.)

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How Is Google Voice Optimisation Different?

The biggest difference lies in the search terms used by your potential clients. When they enter something manually then in most cases it will be short and sweat like “web designers Melbourne”. But when it comes to dictation things drastically change. This is where people will spell out exactly what it is they are looking for. This is because it isn’t as time consuming as typing and seems more natural. So, this could mean that someone prompts Google Voice for “custom website designs with SEO and hosting services”. As you can imagine there could be hundreds, and even thousands of variations of such search terms.

At Media Fortress, we have the expertise to fully optimise your website your marketing campaigns so that your website takes full advantage of long tail search strings that may assist in ranking you hider and getting a better quality of lead. Generally these types of leads are further down the sales funnel and more likely to be users with intent to buy.

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Staying Ahead Of Your Competition

While voice based seo and voice based marketing is still relatively new, long tail search engine optimisation is not. As mentioned above, long tail keywords often target users whom are further down the sales pipeline. So if your offer is good enough and you can get traffic to your web page, then chances of increasing qualified leads also increases.

At Media Fortress SEO can do all the required optimisations. We work directly with you to create a personalised solution. One that gives you the highest return on investment and an improved profitability. Rather than follow the trend of this new technology, you could actually be leading the way and become the envy of your industry.

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Take Advantage Of A Fully Customised Solution

At Media Fortress, we never implement generic solutions for clients. You will always receive a fully customised approach as that is the only way to stand out from the ever growing crowd that are investing in Digital Marketing for their businesses.

We aim to fully understand your business, location, clients and competition. This is then used to come up with a solution that is tailored to your needs and goals. With over 20 years of advertising experience we know how to get you fast and reliable results. For long term consistent growth plans this is a vital piece of our service.

And that is precisely what sets us apart from all our competitors who tend to implement generic set and forget strategies. These might give you some positive results in the short term. But such strategies quickly backfire and can disrupt your growth plans.

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How Does Google Voice Work?

Google Voice is essentially the equivalent of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. It is a voice-activated service that you can use to dictate commands. This can be to dial a number on your phone or search for something on the Internet. Or even to just set a reminder for a calendar entry.

At first, it was just seen as a silly gadget for the lazy. But if you’ve used it a few times you quickly notice how much faster you can get information into and out of your phone.

At the press of a button you can access Google Voice and within seconds you have relevant search results. It is this speed of access to information that is so appealing to many users.

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