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Website Speed Optimisation

Fed up the slow loading speed of your website? Want to speed it up as soon as possible? If yes, Mediafotress has an instant solution to this problem. We make your website super fast.

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  • Website speed optimization services for all types of sites
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When you operate websites with a business perspective, it's loading speed is perhaps the most significant element which brings abundant business opportunities to you. Faster websites-

  • Load quickly on all devices
  • Are preferred by Google when it looks for web pages for demonstrating them in search results
  • Allow users to find the required information, products, and services on websites
  • Help SEO professionals in website optimisation initiatives
  • Give a pleasant Internet browsing experience to visitors
  • Allow E-commerce business owners to process the customer’s orders quickly and boost sales, etc.

As we see, a fast loading website benefits entrepreneurs in many ways. But, wait for a while! Most visitors often argue that the majority of websites visited by them are slow. Does your site fall in this category? If yes, then it desperately needs the website speed optimization.

In this process, webmasters use a number of techniques to speed up your website and make it super fast. Mediafotress, a resurgent IT company in Melbourne Australia, holds expertise in the website speed optimization. If you get started with us, our website experts take a number of steps to expedite the loading speed of your website. Just see some of them-


1 – Deleting All Unnecessary files of Your Website

For all activities, websites save temporary files in its database. The accumulation of unnecessary files puts more pressure on its server and make it slow. Our webmasters clean all necessary files, outdated contents, plugins, etc, from your website, and make it light & faster. As per your recommendations, they will add the required plugins/Extensions to your website once again.


2 – Image Optimization

Unoptimized images put additional pressure on the website’s server and make it slow. Our website experts have a good hold on image optimisation. With your consultation, they choose a right image format, add the ALT attributes, and optimise images for search engines & people alike. It helps different search engines to visit the optimised images and divert additional traffic & business opportunities to you.


3 – Reducing the Server Response Time

It is time duration taken by a website to display the matching results for the requested keywords. A prolonged server response time can frustrate visitors and repel them away from your website. By utilising a number of techniques, we reduce the server response time greatly, enabling your website’s server to display results quickly.


4 – Website Caching

Our website designers and developers implement this technique on your site. So, when a user visits your website for the first time, a cached version of web pages are saved. When the same user lands on the site in the future, results are displayed using the saved version of web pages. It blocks additional HTTPs requests from hitting your site’s server, which makes your website faster.


5 – Recommendations for Good Servers

One of the main reasons why websites are slow is the selection of a shared or low-priced server. Fortunately, we deal in website servers. We have several plans for website servers. Just have a look at different packages and choose one which fulfils your specific needs at best.


6 – Correction in Coding Files

Google will ignore your website while displaying results in its SERP if its coding doesn't match its standards. So, our coders check the coding standards of your website and make the required changes easily. They replace, write, edit, and correct codes in such a way that different coding files work jointly to execute HTTPS requests quickly and display the matching results instantly.

Apart from these, our webmasters use a number of other techniques to speed-up your website depending on specific needs, such as lazy loading, minimizing the content file, Google font optimisation, GZIP compression, etc.

So, don't gift the tremendous business opportunities to your competitors and generate a request for website speed optimisation now with us. Our Business Development Experts will contact you instantly after receiving your request and provide the requested services. Place your order now!