.au domain name pre-registrations are now open

Monday, March 28, 2022

auDa, the administrator of Australia's .au top level domain, has announced that .au direct domain names are now open for pre-registration - like mediafortress.au instead of (or in addition to) mediafortress.com.au 

What You Should Do

To ensure you don’t miss out, here are a few important things to remember when pre-registering:

  • Eligibility to register a .au direct domain is subject to priority allocation rules established by auDA, and you can check your priority status by clicking this link
  • To register a .au direct domain, you must provide evidence of an Australian presence, which means you must have a valid ABN/ACN or Australian Trade Mark that matches your third-level Australian domain validation details before applying through Media Fortress
  • Please note that to successfully pre-register your .au direct domain your registration details need to be an exact match on both domains:
    • Matching Registrant
    • Matching Registrant ID (Active ABN/ACN/TM)
    • Matching Eligibility Type

    You can review your registrant information recorded with WHOIS lookup to check these details and ensure your application will be successful.

  • Please also note:

    • The applicant details must be those of the domain owner - not the reseller (e.g. ABN etc details MUST be for the domain owner)
    • If the third-level domain was registered some time ago, we recommend you check that the ABN/ACN details are correct and active, otherwise this will also fail auDA’s validation requirements.

    Additional charges may apply if work is required to validate your application due to unmatched registration details such as invalid ABN, ACN, TM.

    For information on .au Domain Administration Rules, please visit auda.org.au/policies.

  • If you want to submit an application for priority status and your corresponding 3rd level domain is not managed by Media Fortress, please speak to us about how we can help you to simplify this process. If not, you must provide your domain's Priority Token by getting it from your current domain registrar, or from auDA directly from 23rd March onward.
  • Once you successfully submit your pre-registration application through the Console, the status in the Console will read "Received pending lodgement". This status message confirms we have received your application. We will only contact you further if there is an issue with validating your application. If you receive any other status message, it means your pre-registration application has NOT been received by us, and further action is needed by you.
  • Please note that if your domain is contested (i.e. there is another 3rd level priority 1 domain holder with the same AU Direct application name), the application fee will still need to be paid if you wish to retain your priority status. You can check if your domain falls into this category here.


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