Paid Advertising vs Organic Reach

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

DID YOU KNOW: 80 percent of businesses use social media for marketing and advertising purposes, to engage with their target audience and to generate leads.

Until a few years ago, it was simple to achieve great results with social media marketing and sharing interesting content on your brand’s social profile was enough on its own to elicit shares and generate new leads.

In the past, business operators could solely rely on organic posting to engage with their followers and reach a wide audience.

Today, however, social media marketing has evolved; hence, the approach to marketing a business on social media must also evolve – and that’s where the team at Media Fortress can help.

Your business should have a strong presence on social media, however, it’s important to select the right platforms for your business and your target audience. For many, this will be Facebook; others will perform better on Instagram, Twitter, or other social platforms.

Business owners also need to appreciate the differences between your organic reach and paid advertising, and how these work together to boost your social marketing results.

Organic Reach

The term “organic reach” refers to the reach your social posts achieve without any further marketing or advertising efforts. The success of this has diminished considerably over the last few years - due to Facebook’s algorithms and the changes that are regularly applied to these, organic reach has become limited.

According to market research, organic reach on Facebook has fallen to just 2 per cent.* Yet it still has its place alongside paid advertising.

Part of the motivation of Facebook (and other social channels) to apply these algorithm changes is to ensure the feeds of their users are not inundated with unpaid content from businesses. Social marketing success for a business now requires paid advertising on its chosen social platforms.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising refers to targeted content on Facebook and other platforms that are paid for by a business. It aims to maximise and extend the reach of the business on social media.

Targeted to specific demographics, paid advertising posts are delivered to a far larger audience than an organic post will be on its own.


You may also benefit from Facebook boosted posts. These are organic posts to which you apply a specified payment, so it will be boosted to your target audience and appear higher in their newsfeeds as an ad.

Boosting can also be applied to Instagram. Boosting an organic post is a very effective way to captivate your audience and trigger awareness of your brand.

You Need Organic and Paid Reach

The best and most effective approach to social media marketing by business owners is to employ a combination of organic posts and paid Facebook ads (incorporating Instagram if your business is suited to the platform).

Used strategically and in concert with each other, paid advertising and organic reach support each other for the expansion of your social marketing effectiveness, building your potential for engagement, lead generation and, ultimately, conversion.

Social Media Marketing with Media Fortress

A strong social media presence is crucial to a modern business’s success online. It increases your website traffic, builds brand identity and awareness, and drives conversion.

With a strategic social media marketing plan, devised and executed by experts in the industry, you will benefit from paid advertising and organic reach- used together, the two approaches to social media marketing work seamlessly and are sure to engage your audience and boost your lead generation results. Media Fortress offers this – and so much more.

Over the last decade, Media Fortress has helped innumerable businesses grow and drive revenue via social media marketing. We help you engage your brand with your target audience, manage negative perception online, and provide everything else required to deliver a robust social media strategy that works.

Contact the team at Media Fortress today by calling 1300 308 488 to learn more and to benefit from our expertise and innovative approach to social media marketing.


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