Why Your Business Needs Google Ads!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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TRUTH:  As a business owner, your key aim is to sell your products or services. To achieve this, you need effective marketing, with the aim of captivating the attention of consumers and engaging your target audience so that you generate sales.

A significant number of business owners don’t really know where to start with this, as their focus and expertise are on their product or service as opposed to marketing activities.

This is why they seek the help of professionals like our team at Media Fortress when it comes to marketing their business, ranking their website, and expanding their reach.

Google Search Ads can work very effectively for your business. In case you’re not already aware, this is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising; unlike other forms of advertising, you pay only for actual, tangible results.

Spending money on advertising needs to be a well-considered exercise; you need to know that you are spending it wisely and effectively and that you are seeing a positive return on your investment.

With Google Search Ads, you’re exposing your business to the most popular website worldwide (Google.com) with hundreds of millions of unique visitors and three and a half billion daily interactions.

It is a very effective way to reach consumers, who today primarily find information about the products and services they seek online prior to making a purchase decision.

What are Google Search Ads?

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads marketing is a very popular paid advertising platform that was launched in its current form in 2017.

How does it work?

With Google Ads, you bid on keywords in an “auction”; the winning bidder has their ads placed at the top of Google Search results, as well as on Google Partner websites and other platforms such as YouTube, depending upon the individual campaign.

Simply set a goal (for example lead generation, driving website traffic, or increasing sales) and ensure that potential customers are directed your way. It is a cost-effective channel that can work for almost any marketing budget as per your needs.

Landing Pages for Online Ad Campaigns

Landing pages on your website are crucial to the success of your Google Search Ad campaign. They are the channel by which Google pays attention to your website and its relevance to searches.

When consumers click on your ad, your landing page is the URL they arrive at.

Google analyses your landing pages by a combination of both human evaluation and automated systems using the Google algorithm – and this algorithm is altered constantly, with large changes implemented a few times per year.

You need to understand that your landing page content affects your ad ranking and results. Those ads that perform best in terms of ranking and lead generation are those which direct users to a landing page that offers a premium user experience.

Choose Media Fortress To Manage Your Google Ads

The digital marketplace has never been more competitive. As such, you need to leverage your advertising in a savvy and effective way. With Google Search Ads, your ad is right there where people search for the products and services you offer, regardless of whether they conduct their search on mobile or desktop.

It is an extremely efficient, cost-effective way to be seen in the right place, at the right time, and by the right audience. There are billions of searches conducted worldwide every single day and your potential return on investment has no ceiling.

Media Fortress is an Australian company, founded in 2009 and based in Melbourne. Over the last decade, we have developed successful and innovative marketing strategies that deliver real results for your business – including more traffic, better business opportunities, and greater exposure online.

With our creative and technical expertise, we will help you exponentially extend your reach with targeted Google Search Ads and much more. We are also accredited Google partners.

Contact us today on 1300 308 488 to discover how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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